May Newsletter



We are looking forward to another sold out event.  Space will be tight but we have a great group of people participating and some new venues, so we’re looking forward to another great event.  If for any reason anyone has to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible.

If you didn’t see the April Newsletter, it’s still available here: April Newsletter

We will rehash some info in this edition along with some new info you need to know about.

We have added some boats to accommodate 10 additional guests from Cape Cod Rehab.  So 45 boats will be fishing, plus support boats from our group, local, state and federal agencies will be on hand.

Our guests will be assigned to boats prior to the event. Captains will meet their guests on Friday night so that they can get acquainted and go over any pertinent information.

It’s important that every boat is represented at the Friday night kick-off party.  If the captain can not make it, please make arrangements for your mate to be there for you.

ALSO, on Friday nite we will be providing bait to boats who want it.  Each boat can pick up 2 boxes of frozen squid at the meeting. See  Brian Quinlan, “The Bait Czar”, at the meeting. You do not need to order a head of time.


Notes for Captains:

  • Make sure all your safety gear is up to date
  • If your guest has a child in the party, make sure you have the correct size PFD for them
  • Address any requirements or concerns your party may have with them, especially seasickness
  • Go over where and when you will pick them up. Boats will be departing from 4 locations, make sure they get on the correct shuttle.
  • If you can, share a picture of your boat with your contact info to help them to look for you on Saturday morning
  • We will not be providing lunch for the guests.  Last year some boats had extra sandwiches and drinks for their guests.  This year we are going to have to do the same thing, so plan to have a little extra on board for your guests.  Most boats will only have 2 guests, some of the larger boats will have 4 guests.
  • Foul Weather Gear – Most of our guests do not have anything and aren’t aware of how it can be out in Nantucket sound in June.  If you have any extra rain gear bring it along just in case.  Most of these folks are not accustomed to life on the water.
  • Mates –  Every boat has at least one mate along with the captain.  The guests you have on the boat Saturday may never have fished before or even been on the ocean before.  Extra help on board will make their day better and safer for everyone.  If you don’t have a mate and need one, let us know and we’ll get you an extra hand.
  • Pictures / Videos – Charge up your Go Pros and cameras!  If you would like to include your video in our post video presentation please speak to Paul about the format we need.  We’re also looking for any pictures you take.  We have professional photographer, Alison Lecesse, on hand to document the event for us.  She will be around all weekend and out on Incognito taking pictures on Saturday.  Alison will provide a running slide show at the banquet and pictures will be made available for download from her website at no charge.  Prints and framing also available and can be ordered through Alison.

Event Schedule

Thursday June 7th

  • This year we one of our sponsors, Devils Purse Brewing Company, has invited our volunteers to a beer tasting event on Thursday evening.   If you would like to attend, please email Arthur at so he will have a head count for the brewery.   The event will be held from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM Thursday night. All are welcome.  Their address is 120 Great Western Rd, South Dennis, MA 02660.  After the event many of us will be back at Bass River Marina.

Friday June 8th

  • Captains meeting at 5:30 PM Sharp   –  at The Riverway, 1338 Route 28
    South Yarmouth, MA 02664 02670. the phone there is 508-398-2172
  •   Please make this meeting. If for any reason the boat owner can not be there, please have someone there  from your crew to take care of everything below:
    • Sign in event waiver and media release
    • Pick up your captain’s bag/event flag/rule sheet
    • Get your shirts (2)  Extra shirts will be available at the banquet
    • Pay for extra dinner tickets
    • Go over the schedule, pick up/drop off locations and times, fishing,  ask any questions you may have.
    • There will be appetizers and cash bar available.
    • Bait is being provided for every boat at the Friday night meeting.  If you need bait please see Brian Quinlan
  • Please note, if your boat does not have someone there on Friday night, you will not be assigned guests for the following day of fishing.
  • Dinner Meet and Greet  –   At 6:00 PM, the buffet will open and our guests will arrive at The Riverway to meet with you.  We will introduce our guests to the captains who they will be fishing with on Saturday.   This is a good time to get to know them and go over your boat and what is going to happen the next day.  Also, go over the weather forecast and advice them on how to dress for the day.  Some of them will be a little nervous, others have done this before.   Make sure they know where and what time you will be picking them up and dropping them off so they can make travel arrangements.
  • We hope it will be a good way to kick off the weekend.  Please try to make the meeting, and meet up with some old friends and maybe meet some new ones.  If you can’t make the meeting please let us know so we can plan accordingly. Also, we are counting on the captain and mate from each boat, our guests and event volunteers to attend.  If you have more or less coming from your boat please let us know so we can make sure we have enough food etc.

Saturday, June 9th

  • We have 18 Boats in the event launching from Smugglers Boat Ramp.  Several others will be picking up guests there.  We have a state issued permit to use the ramp.  However, please get a printed slip from us on Friday night, identifying you as being in the event for the town people and leave it on your dash.
  • Get there Early!  If you plan to launch at Smugglers Boat Ramp, we suggest you get there by 4:30 AM, the ramp will be busy all morning with loading and public use as well. Last year we had boats still trying to get in the water at 7 AM.  Please try to get there early enough to be ready when your guests arrive at 6:00 AM.
  • Again we will be picking up our guests at 4 different locations, and only these locations.  On Friday night, make sure your guests know where you will meet them and that they have arranged transportation both before and after fishing.  We are working hard to make sure we have people to assist at each of these pickup points.   These are the four locations:
    • Smugglers Boat Ramp
    • Bass River Marina
    • Packets Town Docks
    • Hyannis Marina
  • For Boats using Smugglers Ramp – Starting at 6 AM Boats will be called via channel 68 on the VHF  to come in and tie up to load up.  Volunteers will be at the dock to assist the loading of anglers.  Once you have your party on board, head out to the bell buoy to await the start.  This will give us room to move other boats in to make the loading go smoothly
  • Boats leaving from the other three locations, please give yourself enough time to make it out to the bell buoy no later than 7 AM.
  • At 7 AM Dennis, Yarmouth, Ma State, and Coast Guard vessels will meet us at the bell buoy.  After the National Anthem, an announcement will be made to start fishing.   Lines in at  approximately  at 7:00 AM
  • Lines out at 2:00 PM
  • Return your party to the dock you picked them up at. Try to have them there no later than 3:00 PM. Also, if possible make sure they have a ride back to their hotel.  There will be vans waiting for them.  If they should miss the van try to help out with a ride or call Paul or Arthur if you need help.
  • The Banquet starts at 5:00 PM At Trader Ed’s at 1 Willow Street, Hyannis, MA 02601 Phone:  Captains and mate or guest should get to the banquet anytime after 4:00 PM.

Rules of the Event

As we said before this is not a big money event. We are all here to show our guests a great time on the water.  The rules are pretty simple. The most important thing is to show these men and women a great time they will never forget.  Many of you who have done this with us in the past know first hand, this weekend will be a life changing event for you.  The people you will meet are in every sense of the word, Heroes.  This weekend means more to them than most of us realize.  You will make new friendships, bonds will be made, great memories will remain.   Have fun with this and they will too.

1-  Event VHF channel is 68.

2- Each boat will receive an Event flag in their captain’s bag. Please fly the flag either on an antenna or outrigger. The flag will identify you to event officials, photographers, and law enforcement as being one of our volunteer boats.

3 – Boats who are picking up guests at the ramp should be in position at 6am at smugglers boat ramp at the end of Bass River. Brian Quinlan will call the boats in to load once their guests arrive. We need to be considerate to others not in the event using the ramp as well but will try and load all guests as quick as possible. There will be people on each dock to help tie you up as well as assist loading your guest.

4 – After you have loaded your guests please move out to the bell buoy at the end of the channel.  We will be joined by Local, State, and Federal personal and the National Anthem will be played over channel 68 at approximately 7 AM.

5 –  No Lines in the water until you hear the call to start fishing from the committee boat.  There is no restriction on where you can fish. Just be considerate of your guests and discuss with them where they feel comfortable going.  Most of these folks may never have been on the water.  We just want to have them catch, it really doesn’t matter what they catch as long as they’re having a great time.

6 – There is no weather committee. It is up to the boat captain on leaving port safely. We will not cancel the event so please use your head if weather becomes an issue.

7 – All boats are responsible for their crew and veterans. Please keep them safe. Go over all the safety equipment with all your guests on your boat before you leave the river.

8 –  Even though this isn’t a tournament, we do have a few awards categories to give out to the guests. This is for the veterans and their guests, not the crew or captains. Categories are as follows

First Scup
First Black Sea bass
First Bluefish
First Striper
Biggest Scup
Biggest Black Sea bass
Biggest Bluefish
Biggest Striper

Please ONLY call in on channel 68 if you get first fish.   You do not need to call in every catch.   Biggest fish will be determined by size not weight, so please take a picture if you can, but we will go on measurement and the honor system.

9 – Captains and crew are allowed to fish but please make it about the veterans first.

10 –  We want to be able to show these veterans a good time so if you run into a hotspot, please try and share if possible.

11 –  Lines out at 2 PM. And all guests back at the dock no later than 2:30 PM

12 – Have fun!

If you have any issues or questions Saturday morning with loading, contact Brian Quinlan on Ch 68 or cell 413-896-0920


That’s it for now, as usual if you have any questions please feel free to contact Arthur at or Paul at