A Word from The Organizers

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A Word from The Organizers

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Donations to Operation Reel Heroes

I’m sure most of you understand what goes into a program like Operation Reel Heroes, but considering some of the bad press of some nonprofit organizations are getting these days, Arthur and I would just like to let everyone know about how we use donations made to Operation Reel Heroes.

First off, 100% or every dollar goes into the event itself. Everyone involved in Operation Reel Heroes including Arthur, Paul, our families, Boat owners, crews, and support staff, volunteer their time and a lot more.  Many of us take it a step further and donate to the cause with product, services, and cash to help put this great event on.  Like all the great people we have working with us, we all enjoy this event immensely.

This is our third year hosting this event.  The people we have met, all of them wounded in battle fighting for our way of life, are all incredible people, many of whom have become lifelong friends with our volunteers.   The appreciation shown by our guests for allowing them to step out of their world even for just a couple days is overwhelming.  This has truly been a life changing experience for me and many of our volunteers.

So, if you have donated to our event, thank you for helping us do this. If you are thinking about it, you can rest assured that all your tax-deductible donations go directly into helping put on this event for so many extraordinary people.

Thank you for your Support, let’s keep this going…

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