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Personal Observations…

I think AJ said it best when he said we were humbled and honored last weekend to share our world on the water with so many incredible people, now our brothers and sisters.  Personally I couldn’t have been happier spending time with Arthur on the project the last months, then getting the boat ready or making the trip to the cape for the weekend. It was all well worth it and I hope I get to do it again.

The outpouring of support both from sponsors and local people who showed their support in so many ways it blew me away.   A total stranger walked up to me at the hotel and handed me forty dollars. A veteran himself, he just wanted to be a small part of it. There are so many stories like this it boggles the mind.  I only wish society had always had this outlook on our service men and women. I have a good friend, a veteran of Vietnam himself, went through hell and came back. He still has problems dealing with this stuff, but his love for his brothers and fishing brought him to the event as a captain, volunteering his boat and himself because he knows what it really means.

In the immortal words of Arnold … I’ll be back…